Events and the holidays provide an opportunity for people to come together as they celebrate their roots, values, and origin. A time to forget the chaos around our lives and embrace hope. When a festive season nears, the aura changes, there is unexplainable joy surrounding celebrations. Our moods are positive; you can utilize the opportunity to make drastic changes in your life. No more repetitive life chores and a great excuse to spend more money purchasing new stuff, and time with families.

Upcoming events

  1. The Hard Rock Hell

This weekend, beginning November 11 more than 50 bands from different countries will be on Wales for the Eighth Cycle. The Hard Rock Hell concert is a go-to for all the rock fans. It is a mashup of the different genres voted by fans who have attended the HRH concert for the past 11years.  The bands as voted by you will be playing rock and metal genres with a particular focus on Old School classic rock. Expected guest includes:

  • The legendary HRH family
  • Dark Circle
  • City of thieves
  • Michael Schenker Fest
  • The Saxon among other friends and family of HRH.

The concert will be held at Camp HRH, Wales and as usual, no camping allowed. Be advised to mark the date on your calendar as the event will be summing up a decade since its creation.

  1. HarbourLife

In a weeks’ time, all roads will be leading to Sydney, Australia for the November 17 waterside party. Fuzzy organizes the ceremony, the excellent team behind Listen Out and Field Day.  Harbourlife plays house for many international and local music starts to kick off the summer season. The event is of high demand high that the tickets are limited to two per customer. The guest artist includes:

  • Daniel Avery
  • Late night tuff guy
  • Made in Paris
  • Set Mo
  • Jax Jones among others.

Tickets are available at the fuzzy website. Purpose to be in attendance.

  1. Dreamstate Socal

In two weeks’ time, Dreamstate Southern California is coming to San Bernardino from the 23rd to 24th of November.  Picture a world where the ethereal beasts and the melodies rescue you from your everyday challenges and whisk you to a higher state of consciousness. A world you can only afford to fantasize about as per now. Dreamstate welcomes you to the fantasy world, an environment with great audiovisual for exploring the trance sounds. The concert will be an oasis for dancers and lovers of music. Enjoy great performances from spacewalkers. Time travelers as you get soothed and connect with the music. Plan to have the time of your life.

  1. Ralph Breaks the Internet

Coming this November, 21st in the theatre is a cool animated movie that is meant to wreck box office. According to the trailer, the main actor Ralph and Vanellope head to the internet to find a replacement that is going to save Vanellope’s game. The duo venture into the wild west of the Internet in search of a replacement for the sugar Arcade game.  It is a movie that is set to keep you at the edge of your seat as we marvel at the level of creativity in the scenes. A scene that involves a Disney princess is set to trigger talks among viewers.

  1. Robin Hood 2018

This coming Wednesday, November 21st, Robin Hood will premier. Taron Egerton fills in as Robin hood while Jamie Fox is the little John and Eve Hewson sill in as the Maid Marian. I am looking forward to watching the final movie since the trailer shows Robin firing off arrows at a rapid rate.