If you do not like music, then you are a sadist. Various music destinations feature top-ranked hits from a variety of genres.

Trap Nation

Trap Nation an American YouTube music promotion channel in Los Angeles is the platform for Bass, Chill, and electronic dance music. It is the largest music channel on YouTube boasting of over 27 million subscribers. Trap nation had it live event at Danbury, CT and included artists like Botnet and Lukas. Lowly Palace is Traps Music independent record label that has gunned over one hundred thousand subscribers.


A comprehensive platform that allows you to find out more about your favorite artist and their albums. The site writes reviews of upcoming artist and their new music release. If you are a frequent visitor to their website, AllMusic creates a personalized collection that matches your past browse history and sample sound streaming links before you listen to the music. The incredible site offers an opportunity for the viewer to give their feedback, ask questions or comment.

The Guardian

Get the latest music interviews, reviews, and analysis from the Guardian. The British reporting company has been operating since 1821 as The Manchester Guardian. The guardian is a one-stop site for all your artistic needs. Read about the most viewed celebrities and the latest stories about music and the artist. The music is classified by genre from Metal, Experimental music, R&B, Hip-hop, and Dancehall. There is an article published weekly called the Focus, that narrows in on specific artist and upcoming festivals. On the archive section, get to read on interviews like David Lynch, Lykke Li, and their bands.

Amazon Music

Amazon music unlimited offers music that is on Amazon Music playlist. Enjoy a definitive list of the top 100 songs in Hip-hop, The ‘80s song, country songs, and other alternative songs. Unlike other music websites, I believe Amazon is less cluttered making it user-friendly. The genre is clearly outlined at the bottom of the page, making it easy to navigate. Discover new Music and albums from your favorite stations as you monitor the charts for the top albums.


EDM is a useful website and reliable. The news and interviews are authentic, real and include artist from different levels. It is on the site that you get an in-depth analysis of the market trends, an update on upcoming events and informs the users of new music software and hardware. Get to learn about your favorite Dj and music band.






Stand on the shoulders of giants as you read terrific books written by remarkable authors. Below are a few lists of some of the recommendation websites that will help you in discovering a good read.


Bookulous is a French startup that recommends the fantastic books.


Goodreads is a community of readers that not only recommend great books but also are involved in fun activities. Every year, the members set a target of the number of books they hope to read by the end of the year. On the website, you will find book recommendations based on your past book choice, giveaways and a category for new releases. Browse through the site and read interviews from your favorite authors.


It is a website for quotes from the famous authors. On the site are quotes from legendary artists like William Shakespeare. Oscar Wilde, Aristotle, and Abraham Lincoln.


It is popcorn time, skip the expensive monthly subscription fees, and watch your favorite Tv shows online for free on your Windows, Mac, and Android device. Favorite websites include Popcorn Time, IMDb, Trackt, Movieo, and Metacritic.